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The Importance of Sleep for College Students

College life is often associated with late nights, endless assignments, and a bustling social scene. With so much to balance, it’s easy for sleep to fall to the wayside and be overlooked. However, recognizing the importance of sleep for college students is crucial for maintaining good health, academic performance, and overall well-being. In this article, […]

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How To Manage Stress as a College Student

Stress in college students is common — increasing workloads, poor time management, changes to diet and sleeping routines, and lack of breaks are common reasons why college students are stressed. As a result, stress and college students are becoming a stereotype. However, effective stress management can eliminate the common causes of stress in college students. […]

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Resume Tips for College Students

Are you a college student looking for your first job? If so, you’re probably wondering how to create the best resume possible. When it comes to resume writing, college students often face a unique challenge: You may not have much relevant work experience to include. However, a resume can still be made to stand out […]

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What to Pack for College

College life, with all its excitement and new experiences, is fast approaching. To start, you’ll need to gather your belongings and bring them to your new school. If you’re going to a college far from home, packing can be tricky or even stressful. Packing will be considerably less nerve-racking if you know how to go […]

The UC Davis Arboretum During the Fall

Things to See in Davis, CA

Davis is a city in California located to the west of the states capital Sacramento. The city offer’s its visitors many different sights to see, which is why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of California. Given that there are so many things to see in Davis, CA, we thought […]

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A Student Guide to Living in Davis, CA

With nearly 40,000 students enrolled at the University of California, Davis, the college town has thrived for decades as an academic/economic engine that continues to roll at full steam ahead. A large part of the success is due to a vibrant environment primed for Davis student living thanks to a campus and a city that […]

Meal Prepped Foods

Meal Prep Guide for College Students

Two of the most commonly cited reasons for eating a poor diet are that it takes too much time and effort to cook a healthy, decent meal every time you need to eat, and it costs too much money. These are 100% valid points for the vast majority of people, but they’re especially true for […]

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Recommended Books for College Students

Staying ahead of the literary game is a benefit for any college student looking for inspiration and motivation. Plus, diving into a good book can be a tremendous stress reliever while tackling a heavy class load during the semester! Whether it’s revisiting a classic assigned in high school or delving into a newer bestseller, check […]

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Moving Tips and How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Moving day will soon be upon you, and it’s easy to get caught unprepared and forget things. We at The Spoke created this list of moving tips to help you avoid common moving mistakes. Plan and Prepare For Your Move Ahead of Time Weeks ahead of your move, be sure to plan everything out ahead […]

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Best Restaurants in Davis, CA

Davis, California has gone through amazing growth that has helped create a distinct culinary scene in Yolo County. Today, the University of California at Davis community and lifelong locals can enjoy different settings and flavors at affordable prices. We at the Spoke know how difficult it can be to decide on what restaurant to eat […]